Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Burris, TAKE......

....(whatever it is. I lost count!)
There is yet ANOTHER story in the Roland Burris journey to assume Obama's Senate Seat. The Senate Ethics Committee will hear a wiretap of Roland Burris offering to write a check to Blago before the end of the year to avoid the new contributions rules. Roland was speaking with Blago's brother Robert at the time.
Roland's lawyer says the tape is a good thing because it shows that there was no pay-for-play involved. Besides, Roland never actually wrote the check. Why? Because Roland thought it might be misinterpreted as a bribe. (You'll just have to trust Roland on that statement because there is no proof.)
And he decided NOT to write the check long before Blago was arrested on December 9th. (Again, you'll just have to trust him about that.)
We're not sure what his explanation is about failing to mention this whole transaction when he testified before the Illinois House, or in any of Roland's amendments to that testimony.
A couple of things are very clear from the transcript of the wiretap:
1) Roland really wanted Obama's seat in the Senate.
2) Blago really wanted cash so he could look strong in the 2010 campaign.
3) Roland wanted to hide his donation to Blago using third parties.
4) Blago didn't care how the money came, as long as he got it.
Read the transcript here:

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