Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sybil Napolitano

At a press briefing in Washington today, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was discussing the Mexican drug violence and her efforts to contain it south of the border so it doesn’t move into the United States.

First, you should know that the $400 million of Merida Initiative money scheduled for 2009 has magically become $700 million of Obama Bucks, effectively blowing the wad allocated for next year as well.

Not to worry. The official response at the press briefing was: “Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg: The $700 million is the existing appropriations for the Merida Initiative. As you know, we've committed a total of $1.4 billion over three years. And so we'll be looking forward to additional funding in the FY 2010 budget for Merida.”

It’s as simple as that; we’ll just go back to the well for more.

I like this new approach. No more worrying about running out of money. Like last year when the money ran out for construction of the border fence. Under Obama you can just keep on spending future budget money. Consequences don’t exist anymore, remember?

Enough about money. The best part is the explanation by Napolitano about the objective of moving all that equipment and officers down to the border. She said: “What we want to do is to better secure the border area against further violence and make it a safe and secure area where, of course, the rule of law is upheld and enforced.”

Can this be the same woman who told Congress on February 25th that she was going to investigate why ICE agents were upholding the rule of law by arresting illegal aliens working in Bellingham, Washington?

It appears Napolitano has a selective interpretation of the rule of law depending on how close you are to the border.

What a joke this all is.

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