Friday, January 30, 2009

You couldn't afford...

...the free publicity Illinois received yesterday.

Imagine it. Every news outlet in the country had Blago on the 10 o'clock. And then along came Nightline with Drew Peterson talking about his soon-to-be fifth wife

(FYI, Peterson and Blago BOTH consulted the same PR firm. True story.)

I wonder how many people turned to their spouses and said, "You know honey, the economy stinks here in _______. What do you say we pack up and move to Illinois?"

Illinois Tourism is hard at work on a new brochure featuring:
The Chicago Fire
Valentine's Day Masacre
The '68 Democratic convention
John Wayne Gacy
Catholic priest scandals
Gov Ryan in jail
Gov Blago removed from office
Drew "Fifth-time's-a-charm" Peterson

They are making a renewed effort to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa somewhere in Illinois.

The new slogan? "It happened here"

Update: Too late, folks. Christina Raines, the 24-year-old fiancee of Drew Peterson has moved out. But Drew is still around for those who can't get enough of him.

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