Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chamber of Commerce

The Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce showed up at the City Council meeting last night to encourage job skill assessments and training. They asked the council to get behind the WorkKeys career tool.

Let’s see, what can the Chamber of Commerce do to help Americans get jobs?

Well, the US Chamber of Commerce is soundly in favor of workers from other countries, that’s for sure.

Their position includes:
*Amnesty for illegals working in the United States now
*Expansion of the Guest Worker program
*Expansion of visas for professional people
*Elimination of the E-Verify program for screening out illegals looking for work
*Streamlined entry of workers at the border
*Streamlined entry of foreign goods
*Expansion of seasonal work permits for foreigners

Read it and weep:

Do they realize that their obvious protection of unscrupulous employers who hire illegals IS the problem?

*It is at the heart of the lack of youth jobs, which puts kids out on the street corners and stifles their learning the work ethic.

*It is at the heart of low-skilled, able-bodied people on welfare.

*It is at the heart of hourly pay far below a living wage.

*It is at the heart of worker safety problems.

*It is at the heart of the lack of employee benefits.

You see, the illegals go head-to-head with our most vulnerable populations, and the Chamber of Commerce is not only defending those who hire illegals but encouraging more of the same.

Not to mention their efforts to throw professional people out of work with their support of the H-1B, L-1, and EB visas. Foreign programmers and engineers are willing to work for much less than an American with the same qualifications. (Let's not fool ourselves into believing that the certification programs actually work. There ARE unemployed Americans who could do those jobs, but it will cost the employers more in salaries and benefits.)

If I were the mayor I would have thrown them out of the meeting. Instead they were all smiles pretending none of this exists.

Shame on the Chamber and shame on the City Fathers.

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