Friday, January 23, 2009

A loaded question

“Do you still beat your wife?”

United States Representative Bill Foster had a survey in his January 15, 2009 e-mail to constituents. It read:

What health care related issue should Congress work on next?

_Reforming health care so that every American has at least a basic level of health care

_Working to lower prescription drug costs

_Ensuring that our Veterans have quality health care and accessible health care facilities

_All of the Above

Foster is a highly educated man. He’s a scientist and businessman. I am quite disappointed in the obvious pandering of this survey. Exactly what answer does someone select if he believes there should be LESS government in health care, that somehow Washington will only make things worse by attempting to reform it?

The answer is that special interests have derailed the voice of the people and Foster has quickly joined the pack of politicians who don’t care that they have disenfranchised us.

But it hardly matters. The survey is little more than a way to harvest e-mail addresses to continue with his propaganda. His disclaimer at the bottom reads:
“*By answering this survey, you are subscribing to my newsletter.”

I’ve watched Foster’s transformation from citizen to politician. Candidate Foster would not have acted so cheaply. He was not a man of rhetoric a year ago. They got to him.

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