Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Brother!

Did you hear that George Obama, the President's half brother, was arrested for possession of Marijuana in Kenya? True.

I can just imagine what's going on at the White House this afternoon.

BHO: Rahm, get me Napolitano. I want to know how we can get George into the United States ASAP.
Rahm: Why's that, Mr. President?
BHO: They are trampling on his rights over in Kenya. If we have him here he can live the American Dream with my aunt.
Rahm: Well, I'm not sure we can get him a visa without appearing to play favorites.
BHO: George don't need no stinking papers. Who's gonna pick him out among 20 million?
Rahm: But someone might pick him up to get even with you.
BHO: So what. We'll get him a judge over at BIA to rule him a refugee. And if that doesn't work, we'll get him another BIA judge.
Rahm: Right you are, Mr. President. I'll call Janet now.

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