Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A fallen hero

I just read that on Christmas Eve Samuel Huntington passed away.

Huntington was a Harvard professor who was concerned about the identity of the United States amid globalism and multiculturalism.

His premise was that it is OK to be something other than a civilized Christian and still live here, but if you don’t adopt the norms of western civilization over time our culture will deteriorate to the point where we no longer HAVE a western civilization.

He warned that we will lose the very things that make America great by embracing and accommodating every other foreign interest walking down the street.

And for that point of view he was labeled a nativist.

Surely, I fail at conveying his message but hopefully I have piqued your interest in the man and his work.

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He spoke of three possible futures for America:
1) Cosmopolitan – We lose our identity to globalization
2) Imperial – We spread our values to the rest of the world
3) National – We rebuild a strong national identity based on an unashamed adherence to western culture and values.

Gone is a man who understands what is happening and was able to articulate it, even if people refused to listen.

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