Friday, October 12, 2007

We're slipping, folks

American citizens just slipped another notch on the liberal food chain. In an effort to prove evolution, they are making man lower than the lizards.

U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle, appointed by Bill Clinton in 1999, has ruled against the border fence, in favor of the desert wildlife.

That’s right. She has ordered a halt to the construction of one and a half miles of fence on the Mexican border because it may harm the little desert creatures.

And it wasn’t that the government failed to do an environmental impact statement; Ellen’s problem is that the study only took three weeks. She says it should have taken longer.

So, what’s the big deal over a gap in the fence 12 blocks wide? Well, I haven’t seen it. Maybe it’s nothing; maybe it’s a strategic spot.

Nevertheless, here’s what the paper said about it: “Huvelle also questioned why equal urgency was not applied to building border fences in Texas and California.” She has her eye on questioning all 700 miles of approved fence!

Ok, so she’s against cracking down on illegals. Maybe she’s got a soft spot in her heart for them. Has she ever heard of a “panty tree”?

You see, the human smugglers who cross illegal aliens through the desert sometimes take advantage of the women and girls who hired them. (What are they going to do; Call the police?) So, when they molest one of their customers, they hang their panties on a tree in the desert as a token of their conquest. It happens all the time. Sometimes the “sexual assault” (PC term. Sounds better than rape.) turns into murder.

By the way they didn’t sell much rapeseed oil, but when they changed the name to canola oil, it was an instant hit in the kitchen. It’s all a matter of packaging. Lest you think canola is an Italian term of ancient origin, it’s not. In 1978, they decided to give the name rapeseed a facelift. Canola means Canadian oil, low acid. It sort of reminds me of Kwanzaa. (Did I really write that, or just think it?)

And what about the people who die from other causes in the desert trying to come across, Judge Huvelle? Are the lizards more important than those people? Isn’t it better for them that we seal the border?

I would really like to have that woman diagram the hierarchy of importance here. It is totally insane.


  1. I guess the environmental impact statement didn't take into account the millions of empty water bottles, thousands of food wrappers, tons of human excrement, or dozens of dead bodies the illegal aliens leave in their wake?

    Because I'm sure that has a much greater negative effect than a simple fence, which doesn't aggressively destroy the environment as the illegals do.

  2. The article I read said that was a consideration, but it has been an on-going impact and thus different. (They were grandfathering in pollution!)
    Clinton's gifts just keep on giving, don't they?