Friday, October 26, 2007

The apologists

What is shocking about our society today is that there are so many apologists for illegal aliens. This is a rather new phenomenon. If you read the commission reports from just a decade ago – a commission loaded with Bill Clinton Democrats – that attitude was virtually absent.

Sure, there were some civil rights advocates on the commission and they worried about discriminating in hiring because someone “looked” foreign. They worried about such things so much that they recommended that businesses use Basic PILOT, a database for verifying Social Security numbers. Since you can’t tell by looking, look it up with the government. That way you can know without being subjected to a raid on your business.

Now, the State of Illinois has made it illegal to use the database! Why? Because it might be discriminatory. It defies logic.

The apologists abound. They are the folks who allow illegals to move among us, telling us they are good people; telling us that we need them.

Mayor Ed Schock of Elgin Illinois said this:
“After having had, and almost invited, millions of people to enter our country, to come up with draconian measures that’s going to punish those people once they are here is to attack the problem from the wrong end. I think everyone wants an orderly process. Every country wants to know who enters and leaves its borders. But the fact of the matter is the economy of the United States is dependent upon and grown as a result of the immigration. The unfortunate thing is that this has had to occur too often in an illegal environment rather than a legal, orderly process.”

A representative of the Kane County Illinois State’s Attorney (Assistant Brian Mirandola) had an illegal alien a few feet away from him in a courtroom, accused of using someone else’s Social Security number to get loans over a five year period, and our State’s Attorney said: “(The defendant) did it basically to live, to work, to get a house and car loan. I think it's a fair disposition (of the case)." He then proceeded to approve on our behalf a sentence of two years’ probation and zero consequences for his illegal presence in the United States.

Some time back I wondered what the government would do if Elvira Arellano showed up at the White House to protest. Would they have the guts to arrest her or would they ignore her? Well, I think I got my answer – They would welcome her inside! That is exactly what Durbin did on October 23rd – He lined up some illegal alien college students as a backdrop to their plea for DREAM Act votes – right inside the Capitol Building! Tom Tancredo called for Immigration to go over there and make some arrests but his request was ignored. Durbin replied that they were all of legal status because he arranged for these pawns to have free temporary visas. Talk about an apologist!

We repeatedly heard President Bush himself calling for the nation to grant them amnesty.

So, at all levels of government we see an acceptance of the presence of illegal aliens. It is shameful. They are not above the law!

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