Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I’m reading an article about Halloween. According to the National Retail Federation, we will spend $65 per person this year on Halloween.

You won’t get a lecture from me that Halloween is un-Christian or that Harry Potter is of the devil. It isn’t that.

It just seems strange for our country to put so much emphasis on what used to be a kids holiday.

And this whole thing about pets and insurance and $10,000 in vet fees. Pets are great. We had cats when I was growing up. We cried when they ran away or had to be put to sleep. But we didn’t shell out ten grand to keep them alive. Then again, mom and dad had five children.

There was a TV news report the other night where people were all upset that a road striping crew painted over a dead raccoon with a double yellow line. How cruel. Why didn’t they move it first?

The TV crew even went up and down the road and found a couple of places where small chunks of animal tail were seen in the paint job. They did “man on the street” interviews of upset people. They even called the state highway department for comment.

Is it just me or is our society choking on gnats and swallowing camels?

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