Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Mexican agenda - Calderon

Well, now that we’ve heard from Vicente Fox, what does Mexico’s current jefe have to say about America.

ABC sent Diane Sawyer down to Mexico to interview him and came back with these nuggets.

About the illegal alien invasion and what Mexico can do:
“It is impossible to stop that by decree. It is impossible to try to stop that with a fence. Why? Because the capital in America needs Mexican workers, and Mexican workers needs opportunity of jobs. Capital and labor are like right shoe and left shoe and one needs the other.”

About solving the alien problem from the Mexican side:
“No, what I think is…it’s impossible to stop that. It’s natural. It’s an economic phenomenon. It is inevitable.”
(Now, on that one, I would think they could make a few changes internally. For instance, how about ending the Matricula Consular card program? How about keeping your mouth shut when someone is deported? How about the consulate coming forward to help families get back home to Mexico rather than crying that we are cruelly separating families? How about NOT SUING the United States when we get ready to execute murderers? Let’s stop making them feel protected and comfortable here. Mexico can help do that.)

About remittances as an important source of income for Mexico:
“That is absolutely false. You know, Mexico is losing with every single Mexican crossing the border. Why? Because it’s the best of our people. The youngest people, the bravest people, the strongest people. That is a false argument. I don’t want to see Mexico as a permanent provider of workers to the United States.”

About Mexico/US relations:
“The world is open in new ways, new bridges. We are building fences instead of bridges. And that is a problem”

About international trade and competition:
“The world is changing. The United States is not the center of the world. Both sides of the border need to learn to see each other like allies, and probably in the future, as friends… We need to stop this destructive message in media, in politics, in the economy…looking only enemies in the other side of border.”
(He misses the point. Most Americans get along fine with Mexicans here as long as they are here legally, pay taxes, and support themselves. And very few people have an ax to grind with Mexicans in Mexico. It’s the illegal ones that are giving us fits. And they make up 30% of the foreign-born, probably more if you look at Mexico by itself. I can’t let him make a swipe like that at the tolerance of Americans.)

As you read his remarks, I think you can see a decidedly socialist tone. That is a common position made by those who stand to benefit most from the alliance. And there can be no doubt that Mexico is getting much more out of this deal than it is putting in.

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