Sunday, January 8, 2012

Border Security

As we embark on another year of Presidential Candidate rhetoric it is important to talk about the illegal alien problem.  One can quickly dismiss candidates who call them "Undocumented," for they are more interested in skirting the issue than actually addressing it.

As I've said before, candidates who simple want to "Build the dang fence," aren't selling anything of value either.  Border security along with interior enforcement and deportation are worth a listen.

Beware the reporters and moderators who begin with the statement, "We all know you cannot deport 12 million people or secure 2,000 miles of border...."  Of course, you cannot do that, but you must do SOME of it to show that we mean to enforce our laws.

Back to the border security question.  When I think of the muddle the TSA has made in the interest of airport security, I can scarcely suggest that Homeland Security embark in a new initiative at the border.  That would be throwing good money after bad.

Any effort to build the fence needs to take into consideration the following:
1) We need to have open borders.  Millions of legitimate people have legitimate reasons to enter the United States.  Some cross daily for work.  Some are tourists.  Some are businessmen.  Some are US Citizens returning from a trip abroad. 
2) The target (illegal aliens and drug traffickers mostly) is mobile and flexible.  You build a fence, they'll cross somewhere else.  You build a longer fence, they'll find a torch or a ladder and go through it or over it.

Indeed we need fences where entry is hard to detect or hard to access.  Beyond that we need to have extra eyes and quick access.  We need to be mobile and flexible as well.  We need intelligence.  And we need tough sanctions against violators.

But the border is only a small piece of the puzzle.  We need to send the message to those who have already arrived: We will catch you and we will send you back home.  Furthermore, we will ban you from returning.

Let's not overthink this border fence.

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