Friday, September 2, 2011

A GRAND idea

This is the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.  It is a 5-star hotel, arguable the swankiest in town.

They just announced that after an audit of their personnel files they are firing their illegal aliens.
This was all done on the up-and-up.  The company explained that they have been screening employees since 2001 and checking their records against the federal database since 2006.  (That would have been Basic Pilot, or perhaps the Social Security file search.)

Last October they brought in the feds to do an audit and as a result they are terminating an undisclosed number of employees.  (A local Latino activist says the number is 120, but he says a lot of things.  The company says the actual number is much smaller.)

This is a bold move.  The Grand America stands alone here, and they are standing tall.

On the other side of the issue, they face the following foes:
  • Governor Herbert- he is a proponent of guest worker status for illegal aliens.
  • Attorney General Shurtleff- see above.
  • About half of the General Assembly- see above.
  • Police Chief Burbank- Opposed to immigration inquiry by his department.
  • LDS Church (The elephant in the room)- Openly supports guest worker amnesty.
  • The hospitality trade group- They claim illegals are needed because $12/hour jobs go unfilled.

Kudos to Grand America.

Although it is not specified in the articles I read, they are most likely using a program called ICE IMAGE.  It is not a new program.  Companies become partners with Immigration and are trained to spot illegal applicants.  In exchange, ICE performs an audit of the existing employees to weed out illegals already on the payroll.  Info here:

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