Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lessons Learned - The Vargas Case

It seems to me that we have learned something from the strange case of Jose Antonio Vargas, illegal alien who has been working since he was 16.

Bring back the No-Match Letters!

Think about it.  The government knew or should have known that Jose was working under a social security number that was not valid for employment.

How hard would it be to send out a letter to Vargas with a copy to Wa Po telling him to report to the SSA Office within 30 days with his original documents in hand.

So, Jose knows the forgery job he and Gramps did on his Social Security Card at Kinko's years ago and he doesn't show up.  Wa Po gets a letter stating that Jose has failed to comply and should be terminated.

At this point Wa Po can continue to pay him or send him packing.  They no longer have any deniability when ICE comes knocking.

But that would be real enforcement of the law, and that would take cojones.  As I have said before, this problem cannot be solved by the feds because they cannot maintain their sacred political correctness and enforce immigration law at the same time.

I suspect that Vargas will hire someone like Margaret Wong, the immigration lawyer who sprung Obama's aunt.  And Wong will get him a green card.

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