Friday, June 24, 2011

Famous Illegal Aliens

This idea is MINE.  Perhaps a series on History Channel.  Or maybe a reality show in prime time.
It's like a series of Horatio Alger stories without a moral.

Of course, my first star will be Jose Antonio Vargas, the illegal alien who rose to soaring heights in journalism and even visited the White House.

And then he bravely came out and proudly told the world he was illegal.  Like a fugitive, he said he was tired of running.  (It seems like he was doing pretty well.  I'm not sure ICE would have any trouble finding him.)

Now, the story is just beginning to emerge about how Jose pulled it off.  He tells it in his own words, but how do you trust a guy who has been living a lie since he was 12?

He says his grandfather (a naturalized citizen) arranged fake documents to get him out of the Philippines when he was a 12-year-old boy.  Gramps paid a smuggler who used a fake passport to bring him here.  Gramps also got him a different fake passport and a green card.  They used them to get Jose a real Social Security Card.

Then Gramps had a color copy of the SSN made, sans the part about restricted employment.
Jose tried to get a license at the DMV and the clerk told him his green card was a fake.  She further told him not to come back.

But Jose shopped around and found an Oregon driver's license was easy to get, so he got one there.
His fake and altered docs got him into college and later he was employed as a journalist.

Jose confessed to his bosses and the Washington Post and they continued to cover for him.  He even used his fake credentials to get into the White House.

And now he is considered a hero, especially since illegal aliens are encouraged to "come out of the shadows" for the DREAM Act.

Here's a partial list of people who aided, abetted and harbored him.
  • His grandfather
  • Bogus document forgers
  • The DMV clerk
  • The DMV in Oregon
  • His high school principal
  • His high school superintendent
  • The universities he attended
  • The DMV in Washington State
  • His bosses
  • His managers
For the record, he is coming out now to launch a campaign on behalf of all the illegal aliens to push for the DREAM Act.  I guess that passes for a noble act these days.

Watch for more illegal aliens in high places.  But remember, the idea is mine.

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