Tuesday, February 5, 2008

United Airlines

In a continued effort to self-destruct United Airlines has announced that it will charge customers $25 a bag for that second piece of checked luggage. They claim that one out of four passengers check two or more bags, so they expect all sorts of new $$$$ from the policy change.

I thought Homer Simpson worked at the power plant; now I think he must be running United. What is wrong with those people?

They came up with the great idea of charging people for extra legroom when they showed up at the gate.

And they started the $2 curbside fee at Ted.

Not to mention the extra day of cancelled flights to reposition planes and crew members.

Does anyone over there stop and asks themselves if this is the way to get and keep customers? Or are all the MBAs busy with their spreadsheets assuming that people will just open their wallets and the money will just pour in. I think they've just added to their list of dis-loyal customers.

1 comment:

  1. If you get me to my destination consistently on time, don't lose my luggage, are kind and courteous to me, and quit delaying/cancelling my flights, then maybe....just maybe....you can charge me for the extra bag. Or, you can shut up and carry my bags like my ticket says I'm entitled to.