Friday, February 22, 2008

Embarrassment control

It is interesting to watch our government at work in the Morales bus crash case in Minnesota. For example, Immigration is stalling to release her immigration status. The crash happened on Tuesday. As of Thursday night they were still “looking into it.”

Now, Homeland Security has an office in Vermont called the Law Enforcement Support Center whose entire purpose is to be able to identify illegal aliens in a matter of a few hours. In fact, the budget for 2008 includes 17 more technicians and $7.5 MILLION for more T-1 lines at the LESC.

Someone is delaying the release of information about Morales. Why? Well, maybe they are hoping that the media will get tired of this story and move on to something else. Admitting that our borders leak and we should have deported this woman really doesn’t advance the agenda of the amnesty bunch, now does it? And four dead school children are a stark example of our failure.

But the embarrassment spreads. If you’ll recall, Ms. Morales was arrested in 2006. She even went to court. All those local people are now implicated as well. Did the cops in Chippewa County screen her immigration status in 2006? If so, did Immigration tell them to let her go? What about the judge? And the prosecutor?

All along the way, sentinels failed us. Why? Well, an unlicensed Hispanic woman doesn’t attract much attention in our system. You could call Immigration today and ask them to pick up this woman and they would laugh at you, unless you tell them four kids are dead, then suddenly she becomes a priority.

That’s how it works. The cops don’t care, the jailer doesn’t care, the judge doesn’t care, and ICE doesn’t care. There are just too many illegals out there. Let her go. If the crime is serious enough and if ICE is alert enough upon her release, maybe she’ll be added to the list of 600,000 who are awaiting deportation. Where are they waiting? On the streets of America.

2007 was the first year in recent memory when they actually deported more than they added to the list. But at 35,000 deportations a year it will take 17 years to drain the swamp.

But ICE is covering their bases here. They say that IF she's illegal it won't matter. She'll still have to serve her time in Minnesota before she can be deported. Then for sure they'll send her home. That logic would have worked in 2006 but it means nothing now. It means less than nothing because you guys are pretending that you are doing your job. Just once I'd like to see a local ICE agent point east and say, "Ask Bush."

And one more thing; the toxicology tests are in. The bus driver was sober. The man driving the pick up truck flattened by the falling bus was sober. What about Morales? No comment.

Let’s hope we see photos of lots of blushing bureaucrats in the Minnesota papers over the next few days. And let’s also hope these deaths will be a catalyst for change.

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