Saturday, February 23, 2008

Morales Update

So, Friday the folks at Immigration finally admitted that the lady who crashed her van into the school bus is almost certainly an illegal alien from Mexico.

But they can't be sure because she won't tell them.

I remember a presentation by Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain (New Hampshire) where he defines illegal aliens as "non-persons." (How rude!) What he meant was that we don't know who they are. They have not be officially recognized by the United States government as visitors or guests or tourists or legal residents working toward citizenship.

That is the whole point - we simply don't know who these people are. No screening, no papers, no photos, no fingerprints.

Even with all their counter-terrorism resources Immigration can't tell us who this woman is. They have no idea.

But they assure us they are working on it and should have it figured out in a few days.

Now, if I'm a terrorist with evil designs on the United States, wouldn't it be great to follow her pattern. They are much more clever than a 23-year-old turkey plucker, and if she can get in and assume an identity...if she can move about freely...if she can get herself hired...then a band of terrorists ought to be able to do whatever they want here.

And if they aren't willing to talk, it will be days before we can unravel their plot.

Just one more reason to get tough at the border and the workplace. And to screen every foreign national in custody and get them on the books.

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