Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Senator Harry Reid, D-Nevada

The distinguished gentleman from Nevada couldn't wait last week to have a cloture vote that would limit debate on the immigration bill to 30 hours, even though the 1,000 page document (correction: 380 page document 6/1/07) hadn't even been printed yet when he proposed it!

Now Reid says, “It would be to the best interests of the Senate ... that we not try to finish this bill this week.” He's giving it a couple of weeks for study and debate. How magnanimous of him.

Perhaps Reid took a nose count and decided not everyone was as gung-ho as he was. In fact, some of the members of the famous committee that created the plan seem to have backed off.

Of course, Nevada thrives on construction and the hospitality business, two industries that hire lots of illegals. Maybe there are several Senate colleagues who don't share his enthusiasm. Let's hope so.

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