Thursday, April 2, 2009

Napolitano again

In a further move to establish the rule of law (snicker) Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano announced yesterday that the 27 illegal aliens arrested in an engine rebuilding plant in Bellingham, Washinton will be given work visas and allowed to work in the US.

That's right. I thought it was just a bad April Fools Day joke but it turns out to be true.

I suppose if Obama can fire the president of GM, Napolitano has enough authority to grant a pardon and issue work papers. I wonder what law she used to do that?

It is believed that she is giving out these work papers based on witness cooperation as they build a case against the employer. BUT, and this is very important, the employer was already enrolled in a verification program AND was in full cooperation with ICE agents as they planned the raid. They had been working with ICE since last fall. That visa rule clearly does not apply in this case.

But the Obama administration will make it fit.

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