Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moron Air Force One

I mean, more on Air Force One.
There is quite a buzz about the little air show over New York City on Monday. There are all sorts of theories but they all come to the same conclusion: We aren't being told the truth.

One theory is that a renegade pilot stole the plane and took it for a very visible joyride in order to protest the new administration.

I'm skeptical about that one since the NYPD apparently knew about the exercise days in advance but didn't tell anyone.

On another note, it seems odd to me that early reports said it was a combination training exercise/photo op. It seems the "training exercise" part of the excuse has been dropped.

So, let's say it really was a photo shoot of Air Force One and the Statue of Liberty. What's wrong with this picture:
1) No one reported helicopters or other photographers covering the shoot. And F-16s aren't exactly built for taking pictures.
2) Such a photo shoot would have been done on a Sunday, like most movie scenes. And there would have been advance warning. (I don't mean telling the public that Air Force One would be in the sky over the Hudson at 9:00 am Sunday. Just say "airplanes for a movie" and people will know enough.)
3) Now is not the time to go around the country taking pictures of government airplanes, especially when the tab for an hour in the sky for Air Force One and a couple of F-16s is well over $100K. ABC says it was $328K. Like was said, just use PhotoShop and save the taxpayers.
Now there are some other ideas about what happened. The First Family wanted to take Bo up and show him the plane. That's as good as anything else I've heard.

What is hard to believe is the reaction of the President. He didn't know about it. It'll never happen again. How about the response of Napolitano about the Bellingham raid. She was going to get to the bottom of it.

Obama could have said he was going to investigate and give us a full report. (That would be transparency.) It took a letter from John McCain to get that ball rolling.

If he didn't know where his airplane was, that would put him in a very bad light. The plane, it's readiness, it's back up plane, are all part of national security.

I think from his answer he knows more than he's telling. And it is consistent with President Image to hide bad news from us, especially if it reflects badly on him as a leader.

It makes you wonder what else he's hiding from us.

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