Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Bush Remake

In the run-up to a fresh campaign for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” in a couple of months, the Obama administration, through Border Patrol statistics and latino activist, has gone back to the first 100 days of the Bush administration.

That was then…
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 25, 2001
Statement by the Press Secretary
The President called Mexican President Vicente Fox this morning to express deep sadness and condolences to President Fox, and the Mexican people, over the horrible deaths of 14 Mexicans in the Arizona desert earlier this week.
The Presidents reaffirmed the importance of our ongoing efforts on border safety and migration, to ensure that tragic events such as this do not happen again. They noted we are making steady progress, and pledged both sides would work hard to carry this process forward.

This is now…
Border deaths up despite apparent dip in crossings
By ARTHUR H. ROTSTEIN, The Associated Press
11:44 a.m. April 8, 2009 San Diego Union Tribune

TUCSON, Ariz. — Illegal immigrant deaths are continuing to rise along the U.S.-Mexico border despite a nearly 25 percent drop in Border Patrol arrests that suggests far fewer people are entering the country unlawfully.

The number of migrant deaths along the roughly 2,000-mile border increased by nearly 7 percent between Oct. 1 and March 31, the first six months of the 2009 federal fiscal year. The biggest increase occurred in the patrol's Tucson sector, the nation's busiest corridor for illegal immigrants coming through Mexico.

In all, the remains of 128 people were found, compared to 120 in the same six-month period the year before, according to just-released Border Patrol statistics.

And this segues into a call to do something. This is Cardinal material. We must grant amnesty and increase the number of guest worker visas into the USA so these good people won’t die trying to come here illegally.

Remember the “90% of weapons are from the US” hoax I blogged about last week? Well, there is another reliability issue here as well. Further down in the AP article it says: Dr. Bruce Parks, the medical examiner in southern Arizona's Pima County, said more than half the bodies his office examined were skeletal remains, meaning they had not died recently. But that is down from first half of fiscal 2008, when 75 percent of the cases involved skeletal remains.

"Many of them are people that died sometime earlier, and it could be more than a year or two in some cases," Parks said.

But in our Postmodern world, truth is irrelevant.

In fact, come summer if the discovery of bodies increases, the libs may be able to parlay this into a twofer. Problem #1- Lack of immigration reform. Problem #2- Global warming. Imagine all the conferences and grant writing that news would afford us.

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