Sunday, April 12, 2009

House-broken promises

This may be the unrecoverable error of the Obama administration. Americans can forgive him for his decision to expand abortion, free terrorists, appoint tax dodgers, send greetings to Iran, take over private industry, approve embryonic stem cell research, apologize all over Europe, publicly embrace Islam at the expense of Christianity...

...but you don't mess with dog lovers. Perhaps you heard that the Obama's have a dog, a Ted Kennedy dog. His name is Bo. And he wasn't rescued from a shelter. There's the rub. He promised to get a mutt. Instead he's sending a check to the SPCA and getting a purebred.

The self-proclaimed Mutt got an ivy league dog.

The name was chosen by the children and is fraught with racial overtones. Why if Cal Thomas had suggested such a name he would have been banished from journalism. And what a field day they would have had with Rush Limbaugh.

But it's OK.

I was listening on the scanner yesterday. During the shift change the Secret Service chimed in, "Be careful where you walk in the residence wing. Don't step in the Bo-diddly."

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