Thursday, May 1, 2008

Three kings

(No, this isn’t about a poker game or a nativity play.)
If I understand the story of the American Revolution, the crux of it is that the formation of the United States was motivated by a burning desire NOT to be ruled by a monarch. This grand political experiment was an effort to shift sovereignty away from the throne and into the hands of the people.

I will tell you about three kings right here in the United States today, and they aren’t on Beaver Island. One is in Cook County, one is in Island Lake, and the third is in Carpentersville.

King Todd is the President of the Cook County Board, placed there by decree of his now-deceased father, a decree made when John Stroger was suffering from a stroke that made it impossible for him to serve. So he anointed his son. Todd eventually faced the voters and won.

It turns out that Cook County got tax-happy and added a penny to the sales tax. Residents in Palatine didn’t like it and want to secede from the county. Todd originally agreed to go out to Palatine and meet with the taxpayers out there. But he later withdrew his invitation. Why? “It became apparent the format was manipulated such that the forum would no longer be community based,” Stroger said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “This change in format diminishes the ability of the community to voice their concerns and instead allows for political grandstanding by village council members.” Sorry, King Todd will only appear before loyal subjects.

The second is Island Lake Village Trustee Debbie Herrmann. A gentleman attended a town council meeting recently wearing a T-shirt with the message, “Don't Move. If You Run, You'll Only Die Tired. USMC.” He’s a 60-year-old former Marine. He gave his speech to the town council and sat down. Police say he pointed his finger and Herrmann as though it were a pistol, thus leading to his arrest for disorderly conduct. (By the way, his little speech before the village board was about legal fees.) He does look menacing, doesn't he?

Councilwoman Herrmann signed the complaints against him. Here’s where she gets the KING designation: “We've got a job to do up there and we shouldn't have to worry about residents being adverse to what we are doing.” Huh? Residents are not supposed to be part of the process in municipal government?

King #3 is Carpentersville Village President Bill Sarto. Sarto doesn’t like council member Paul Humpfer. Paul has been a thorn in his side for a couple of years now because they disagree on ordinances to stand up against illegal aliens.

On two occasions Sarto has declared Humpfer’s seat on the board vacant because of Humpfer’s domestic abuse court case. The village attorney and the county attorney are both telling him he doesn’t have the authority to vacate the seat without the majority of the board approving it. But that doesn’t stop Sarto from making his declarations.

The king is dead. Long live the king. Next.

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  1. Toddler is a JOKE. A coward, a fraud, and other words that decorum don't allow me to use in mixed company. He 's such a ....that he won't even show up to a town hall meeting in Palatine (which is still crook county) to discuss his tax hike with his minions because he thought it was grandstanding on Palatine's part. Excuse me???? You've been asked to answer questions by your constituents about a tax increase that the people of crap county DIDN'T all...and you won't show up after agreeing too??

    Toddler is a coward and an inept "leader". Had is daddy not passed at the time of the primary (a conspiracy theory, yes...but valid), he wouldn't be anywhere near the head of the county...

    So glad I don't live in Crap county anymore...