Saturday, May 3, 2008


You've seen the high cost of going to prom these days. Professional photographers, the limo, two days worth of parties, the dress, the doo, the shoes, the tan, the nails...

I have a theory.

Prom is the new wedding day. Every girl wants to dress in the gown and have "her day". But how many couples live together for years?

Maybe they get married eventually. Maybe not.

If they do, it is generally after several years of living together. The wedding is low-key. In the back yard, followed by a really nice vacation together. But it isn't often the traditional walk down the aisle with organ music and a big reception.

Sooooo, one way or another a girl is going to have her day with a tux-clad man on her arm. Because she knows there may not be a day in a white dress later on she clings to the notion of the prom and experiences every moment of it.

Am I way off base here? Any thoughts?

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