Thursday, May 15, 2008

Open Borders Riley Strikes Again!

Honestly, I should stop reading the Wall Street Journal…at least the Opinion pages.

Not only did Karl Rove get under my skin, but Jason Riley really got to me. I should have known better after my last reaction to him. See my April post about his work:

He begins by asking, “Whatever happened to immigration as a presidential campaign issue?” It’s like this, Riley. All three of them are pro-amnesty. Why would any of them bring it up? To aggravate the voters with their position? Or perhaps because they LIKE to talk about it, knowing the public reaction last summer when the Senate debated it?

Immigration is an issue to be avoided because it is a grand example of the lack of leadership in Washington for the last three decades. Why would any politician talk about it unless they were asked about it?

Riley can’t be serious if he thinks these three candidates want to talk details like back taxes, fines, fees, and background checks.

But he takes this debate silence to mean that the people are OK with illegal aliens. His take on it is that the people are actually opposed to multiculturalism. Here’s what Riley wrote: “The problem is the militant multiculturalists who want to turn America into some loose federation of ethnic and racial groups. The political right should continue to push back against bilingual education advocates, anti-American Chicano Studies professors, Spanish-language ballots, ethnically gerrymandered voting districts, La Raza's big-government agenda and all the rest.”

Yes Jason, these are problems that are closely linked to assimilation and the liberals’ burning desire to be like Canada. But make no mistake…America is still passionate about fixing the illegal alien crisis, and the solution doesn’t include amnesty for millions.

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