Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Humo y espejos

Poor Calderon. Not only does he have a lame duck in the White House, but he also has a public that knows more about the illegal alien problem every day.

What is he going to do if the United States no longer welcomes his annual 500,000 overstock of humanity? Why, he’d have to feed, house, employ, incarcerate, educate, and treat them himself. Who will deliver the babies? Who will provide police protection? Who will keep them from taking to the streets to rebel against the government?

Well, Mexico would have to do that. After all, they are Mexican citizens. He’d have to do something besides shipping the problems to America. He'd have to deal with his problem just like the rest of the Third World. Except Mexico has oil and a long growing season and gold and silver and a booming tourist trade. He's far better off than most of the Third World nations. Why, if it weren’t for government corruption and the fact that Mexico has no middle class, Mexico might be a nice place to live.

So, here comes El Presidente with his “humo y espejos” (smoke and mirrors) show, on tour in the United States this week only. We should be ashamed of ourselves for the racism directed at Mexicans. (He's just like all the rest of the pro-illegal alien crowd…call them racists and bundle the legals with the illegals and hope no one notices. Aren’t we getting a little tired of that?)

He was up at Harvard giving his speech yesterday. And a stop at the UN. Then it’s on to Chicago (aren’t we lucky) and LA and then Sacramento.

He’s still on message from my earlier report. #1 – We need Mexican workers and Mexican workers need us. #2 – The drug problem is a result of demand in the United States. #3 – A big fence isn’t very neighborly of us.

And his timing stinks. According to a population study that hit the streets yesterday, the entire United States will look like Elgin schools by the year 2050.

Maybe that’s why he isn’t meeting with any presidential candidates on this trip – none of them dares to have their picture taken with him since the majority of voters want a fence and stronger enforcement.

Good luck, Calderon. Maybe next time you’ll bring your perro y poney.

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