Monday, February 18, 2008

From Clark to globalism

J. Reuben Clark, Jr. was arguably the most famous statesman raised up by the Mormon church. He has two claims to fame outside the church.
1) His memorandum to the Monroe Doctrine
2) His service as ambassador to Mexico.

His famous memo was written in 1928 to soften our protectionist position on Latin America. Teddy Roosevelt felt in necessary to take a very strong view of protecting Latin America from European exploitation, especially since he was building the Panama Canal and didn’t need any colonizers hanging about.

What Clark said in his memo was that the Monroe Doctrine applied only when we felt like it. It was no guarantee that we would protect Latin America, but that “the United States itself determines by its sovereign will when, where, and concerning what aggressions it will invoke the Doctrine, and by what measures, if any, it will apply a sanction.”

The Cuban Missile Crisis may well have been the last legitimate application of the Monroe Doctrine. Perhaps there have been other minor skirmishes but they were quickly resolved.

Our involvement in the Falkland Island War is instructive. We reluctantly agreed to support the British, in part because the UK had possessed the islands since Monroe was president. It was a rallying point for the government of Argentina to take back the islands. The US would have no part of it and fell in line with the British.

Who knows what happened to the Monroe Doctrine in 1846.

Regarding Clark’s involvement as ambassador to Mexico from 1930-1933, it is clear he understood the Mexican people and their problems. And Clark did not believe that the United States was “set up as an eleemosynary government to feed and clothe and nurture all the rest of the world. [But that] it was set up for the purpose of establishing a government which should bring peace and prosperity to the people of this nation.”

Since then, U.S. Presidents have set up trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, Central America, and Peru. They have opened our borders, provided amnesty to seven million people who entered illegally, and passed laws and judgments granting free public education and hospital care to trespassers. As a final slap in the face, U.S. Citizenship is freely given to their children.

Despite repeated warnings that any immigration policy ought to be of benefit to the people of the United States, globalist leaders in the White House and Congress have not only tolerated but encouraged, the immigration (both legal and illegal) of large numbers of Third World citizens.

And now we are witnessing the Security and Prosperity Partnership which will further erase not only our borders but our sovereignty as well.

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