Thursday, January 31, 2008

My book project

I’ve started working on a book about the Bush White House. The title: “And we will build a border that is more open and more secure.”

George Bush himself gave me the title. It is something he said way back in 2002.

I intend to show that Bush made the illegal alien problem much worse since he took office. I can demonstrate declines in enforcement efforts at the same time as record numbers of illegals were entering our country.

Bush has a reputation for stubbornness and arrogance. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox (a macho man himself) described him this way: “He's quite simply the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life…sort of like walking carrying two watermelons like this.” (one under each arm)

Bush starts out his first term in office sounding very much like a conservative when he says, “The Administration believes that legal immigrants should be greeted with open arms, rather than endless lines. We must be responsive to those who seek to immigrate to this country by legal means, and to those who have emigrated and now seek to become U.S. citizens. While we seek to improve the system that welcomes legal immigrants, the United States is a Nation of laws and must act to combat illegal immigration. Working through the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the Federal Government should take additional steps to defend the security and stability of our Nation against the threats of organized crime, drug traffickers, and terrorist groups. The Administration is committed to improving U.S. immigration law enforcement and ensuring the safety of our borders. (February 28, 2001 New Beginnings Blueprint)

But by September 5 of that same year (2001) he is talking like this: “Temporary Worker Program: We are working with Mexico on options for a new program for temporary workers -one that is grounded in reality and the needs of our economy, and that doesn’t hurt U.S. workers. The program would rest on a carefully worked out partnership between the sending and receiving countries that recognizes the contributions undocumented Mexicans are making in the United States and that brings together willing workers and willing employers. This is an issue that will require close consultations with the U.S. Congress and U.S. civil society.”

Things get very interesting after 9/11. The strangest pronouncements come in 2002 as Bush tries to keep Vicente Fox strung along at the same time he is trying to deal with a failing economy and high unemployment. We are losing jobs and entire manufacturing industries, the hospitality business is on the skids, and he’s pushing guest workers.

It is typical, stubborn Bush. His push for amnesty began in 2001. In July of that year Ari Fleischer was the first Bush press secretary to try to explain that the legalization plan wasn’t amnesty. He wasn’t any better at it than his successors.

Bush was less aggressive after 9/11 but the message was still in there and came out from time-to-time. By January 2004 (election season) he was back in full swing. And his efforts continued from then until now, attempting to legalize millions.

What is perhaps more telling is his effort to push and expand NAFTA. One wonders how he figures NAFTA helps our manufacturing sector? Or our low-skilled citizens? Or the other countries involved, for that matter.

It should be an interesting book. Any suggestions?

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  1. make sure you include lots of pop ups and pictures so everyoen who's going to lable you a racist can understand what it is you're trying to say :-)