Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mission Accomplished - Obama style

You’ll recall all the flak Bush caught because he had the nerve to thank the sailors on the Lincoln for their help in eradicating the Iraqi army using the “Mission Accomplished” banner. As it turns out, the libs took it to mean that Bush was trying to deceive the American people into thinking that the Iraq war had been won.

(I guess we all have something to learn about fighting terrorists. They didn’t listen to Rumsfeld when he talked about the long, hard slog of street fighting that laid ahead after the army was vanquished. Rumsfeld was warning us of the hand-to-hand, sniper fighting in our future even during the shock-and-awe phase the first week of the conflict. He was telling us that this was not going to be Desert Storm all over again.)

I always felt the press was never held accountable for denying praise to those sailors who fought against Saddam and his army by criticizing Bush for his “Mission Accomplished” speech.

So now we see that Barry Obama has true politician grit; he is taking credit for something he didn’t do. And something that didn’t work. If he is hoping for a national health care plan patterned after what he created in Illinois, it shouldn’t be a problem because ILLINOIS DOESN’T HAVE A UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE PLAN.

And the only thing Obama sponsored was the formation of a commission to study how it might be done.

So, if that’s an example of his leadership the voters deserve what they ask for if the vote for him. As a state senator he was famous for voting “present” rather than taking a stand on controversial issues.

And now we see that his vision for American health care consists of studying the problem and claiming credit for a program that doesn’t exist.

Studying the recent history of the Illinois health plan might be enlightening. Gov. Blagojevich tried to pass it last year but the state house and senate both reminded him that we don’t have any money. He threw a couple of tantrums to try to get it passed but no one fell for it.

He tried to pass a Gross Receipts Tax (essentially taxing inventory every time it changes hands) but got no support in Springfield for that either.

So, the short summary in Illinois is that it is too expensive and would require huge additional taxes to fund it. Is that your plan, Mr. Obama? Just like the plan in Illinois, Mr. Obama? I certainly hope the American public is wise enough to reject this socialist and his expensive ideas.

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