Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Super Bowl of Nations

I am copying this here for two reasons:
1) It's a great analogy
2) It is getting ZERO coverage from media

Dateline Washington DC
April 19, 2013
At a Thursday press conference, Bristol County, MA sheriff Tom Hodgson compared the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill to having no security or ticket process to get into the Super Bowl.

“The proposal that the Gang of Eight has put forward, and I do want to commend them for even at least seriously beginning the conversation about immigration reform, albeit far too short,” Hodgson said.

“What is happening here is we’re effectively allowing the Super Bowl to be played in a stadium where three quarters of the entrances to that stadium have no ticket-takers and no security to check people in,” he added. “So people wander into the game year after year after year, and finally after a period of time, it’s unstable."

"And if we’re able to do so, we’re going to allow them to become season-ticket holders," he explained. "But, ultimately, we still haven’t solved the problem because those gates still don’t have security.”

Hodgson made sure to point out that neither he nor his fellow speakers at the Thursday press conference were “anti-immigrant.”

“Not one person behind this podium is anti-immigrant,” Hodgson said. “All of us have ancestors who immigrated to this country. My father immigrated directly from the country of England, raised thirteen children and did it the right way.”

The trouble is that the enforcement side of the illegal alien problem is getting ZERO press coverage.  It is all focused on the Gang of Eight pitch.  And the Gang of Eight didn't allow the other side to even approach the throne.  Like congressional hearings over the years on the subject, we are only hearing what the chairman of the committee wants us to hear.

Let's hope this proposal fails just like all the rest.

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