Monday, January 18, 2010

Is the Secret Service Mad at Obama?

Watch this video of a heckler during Obama's stump for Martha Coakley in Boston last night.

I'll supply the fantasy audio here, with references to the time on the video:
0:25 Larry- "Maybe we can mosh pit him out of here."
Curly- "Soitenly. I'll get on the other side of him."
0:35 Obama- "We're doin' OK."
0:54 Moe- "Here. I'll get in front of him. Now, everyone to the LEFT. 1-2-3."
Larry- "This ain't working. We've all got to move the same way."
1:07 Shemp- "Hey, why don't you take the sign from him?"
Curly- "Good idea. Hey sir, can I borrow your poster?"
1:10 Obama- "We're doin' fine."
1:22 Moe- "Hey guys. Look at this. If you grab his arm and hold on you can pull him."
Shemp- "Like this?"
Moe- "Sort of. But you have to make a fist."
1:40 Larry- "We gotta remember this. It works like a charm."
I'll bet they were wishing Michael Meehan, Obama's appointment for the Broadcast Board of Governors, were on duty last night. He knows how to handle anyone who disagrees with the democrats.
Seriously, by my count it took one cop in uniform (the local scapegoat) and six Secret Service agents over a minute and a half to take out one heckler.
Do they hate BHO because he threw them under the bus over the state dinner? Or does he have some special rules of engagement for the SS?
Whatever the reason, it wasn't very impressive.