Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thrown out of an ACORN office

You know all those secret videos of ACORN employees giving bad advice? Remember how the first one hit, and ACORN said it was an isolated case? Then every couple of days another city was implicated until they had exposed FIVE offices.

ACORN officials, in an effort to save face, have indicated that the sting operation was thwarted at the Philly office. They have the police report to prove it. And the statement by the office manager on national TV that the troublemakers were tossed out after a couple of minutes.

Even Bertha Lewis, the head of ACORN, told the world they were quickly dispatched from the Philly office. And mediamatters agrees with her.

Well, the tale of the tape is rather different. The two were actually in the ACORN office for 32 minutes.

And they openly told the office manager on a couple of occasions that Hannah was a prostitute. And they spun out the tale of the illegal alien girls as well.

The reaction from ACORN of Philly? Well, you'll need this form and we'll sign you up for one of our home-buying seminars. And here's my card if you want to call me with questions.

And as they left, the receptionist was all smiles and confirmed their next appointment.

Somehow, that isn't what I thought it would be like to be thrown out of someplace. Then again, maybe ACORN is different.

The challenge is out there. What are the media outlets going to say now? And when will they say it?

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