Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Only in my dreams

Below is another one of my fantasies. Warning: It is only a dream.

The venerable 60 Minutes program on CBS has obtained ACORN's permission to air the entire pimp sting video with audio, exactly as it occured in the Philadelphia ACORN office on July 24th.

Morley Safer himself will host the program. The entire hour will be dedicated to the ACORN encounter.

First, they will present an expert in digital recording who will certify that the recording was faithfully done. No incriminating edits. No re-arranging of scenes.

Then they will play all 32 minutes of the recording.

Third, they will play the rebuttal made by the ACORN employee captured in the video.

Ms. Conway will then be questioned by Safer in a effort to clarify her position based on the tape.

Next, we'll hear from the Philly Police Department in a effort to determine the reality of the police report and what it means.

Andy Rooney will then recap some of ACORN's other nefarious dealings, including intimidation of banks and lenders, breaking into foreclosed homes and taking possession by force, embezzlement, income tax violations, and voter registration fraud.

Bertha Lewis will then have a chance to tell America why ACORN is a victim of right wing nut jobs.

And to conclude the program, President Obama will invite the principal parties to have a beer at the White House.

And then I woke up.

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