Thursday, October 29, 2009

Held over once again

The circus is still in Washington DC.

It seems like they've been performing forever. And just last week Harry Reid was hawking the senate version of Obamacare with the public option. He didn't get very far. Even Joe Lieberman the schizo didn't like it.
So late yesterday Reid was beating a hasty retreat.

But that didn't stop Nancy Pelosi from introducing TODAY a house version with the public option.

And Obama commented that he liked what Pelosi had put on the table.
"I congratulate the House of Representatives on the introduction of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, another critical milestone in the effort to reform our health care system."

Meanwhile, Obama is still in negative double digits with his approval rating. It's been that way for two weeks running.
The Associated Press of all people has finally published something about the myth of health insurance company profits. (Better late than never.)
On a roll, the AP shot holes in the Obama claim that the stimulus package had created or saved 30,000 jobs already. Their quick audit slashed at least 5,000 of those jobs.
But Obama's Reality Check team picked a fight with the AP over their story before they even had a decent defense.
Meanwhile, the White House is trying to "make nice" with Fox News. That'll be a tall order, given the fact that his chief-of-staff, PR guru, and press secretary all took shots at Fox on the record.
Even the Big Guy himself made some nasty statements about Fox.
So, how do you make nice after that? "We were just kidding."????
Like I say, the best circus around, and it doesn't show any signs of folding up the tent any time soon.

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