Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who is still with me?

This is an ACORN die-hard loyalty test. Who still thinks ACORN is innocent? Not very many people.

Minnesota – Pawlenty orders an ACORN investigation

New York – State Attorney General orders an ACORN investigation

ACORN itself orders an investigation

Illinois – Well, I called Lisa Madigan’s office yesterday and asked the question. The receptionist transferred me to another woman who must have been getting the question all day. She said, “If you would like to file an allegation, we’ll look into it.” I asked if they would take the initiative and got a repeat of, “If you would like to file an allegation, we’ll look into it.” I declared that there was enough information on the table already and she said (you guessed it), “If you would like to file an allegation, we’ll look into it.”

It makes me wonder how many of Lisa’s publicity stunts started as allegations from citizens. Lead paint in toys? Cribs? Car seats? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Lisa Madigan to lead out on this issue?

In Illinois the political calculus includes a formula that goes like this:
A happy ACORN = Black votes

Sort of like the equation:
Coddling illegal aliens = Hispanic votes

Not to be confused with this one:
Licking the boots of Slim Coleman and Joshua Hoyt = Hispanic votes

You can never be sure which is true so you do both.

And the insurance policy formula:
SEIU = votes and money

In a synapse reaction time test we have established a time line for the ACORN scandal story. My analysis reveals who caught on first:James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles (signal originators) ---> Andrew Breibart --->
Fox News --->
Local News --->
Jon Stewart --->
PJTV ---------->
Walter Cronkite ------------>
Katie Couric --------------------->
New York Times ------------------>
Charlie Gibson ----------------------------------------------> Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi had no idea the Senate had voted to pull ACORN funding, but she looks very professional.

Of course, those who follow Walter Cronkite on the synapse list are very embarrassed to be beaten by a dead man. But not more embarrassed than Illinois Senator Roland Burris who still doesn’t get it.

Here’s a clip of his eloquent response:

It would seem we have a different strain of the swine flu here with Durbin, Burris, and Madigan all joining the ostrich at the beach.

As for the exposé, the San Bernardino and San Diego episodes have been the most recent, but stay tuned. O’Keefe and Giles promise even more installments.

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