Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Obama Victory

Well, it should be interesting. It seems the Dems cleaned up all around.
Now we'll see what they can do. It will be tough with the economy in the tank and tax revenue tanking with it.

We've seen great campaigners who turn out to be lousy leaders. Obama clearly knows how to campaign. He's got the hi-tech thing down which brought on all the young voters. (Of course, McCain had nothing to offer them anyway.)

And there is a huge contigent of voters who wanted to make history yesterday. Is it a racial thing to put the color of skin above all else? I suppose a stronger GOP candidate would have been a better test of that idea.

Clinton fared rather well with his transition from campaign to leadership. It seemed at times to be a continuation. He'd get up in the morning, read the polls, then act accordingly. If the polls showed we should have a "measured response" to the bombing in Yemen, that's what he'd do.

Maybe that's what a president is in our extension of public opinion.

I'm curious to see how Obama leads. Will he be like Carter, surrounding himself with clueless people from his hometown? Not likely.

Well, the majority rules. That's how it works here.

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