Thursday, November 20, 2008

Napolitano for Homeland Security

It appears official that Obama has chosen Arizona Gov Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security.

She’s had some good press about getting tough on illegal aliens in Arizona but most of it has turned out to be fluff. She walks that fine line but at the end of the day fails to deliver on enforcement.

Why must we pick lawyers? These lawyers then fill the management spots with DOJ lawyers and they spend their time doing what lawyers do best – think up reasons NOT to get tough.

She goes way back with VP Joe Biden. They roasted Clarence Thomas together.

But she’s the governor of a border state and understands the impact of illegals, you say? So was GWB and look where that got us.

So she can fall back on her record of supporting tough border enforcement and do only as much as the president wants her to do.

Remember Chertoff? He did his best work as lobbyist for amnesty on the Hill. Otherwise he was soft when Bush asked him to be and tough when Bush asked him to be.

The danger here is that people will think they’ve got a “Law and Order” Secretary when in fact they do not. Her appointment may serve to give a Democrat Congress permission to proceed with amnesty, but we all know we need to look at the numbers (if this administration will publish them). Numbers like:
-Fence construction
-Border agents
-Detention beds
-Worksite raids
-Employer prosecutions
-E-Verify participants
-Border captures

And watch her moves regarding No Match Letters and E Verify for federal contractors.

Sadly, if people bought the campaign, they’ll buy Napolitano for DHS.

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