Friday, November 7, 2008

Honeymoon for the Hopers

Obama's "Hopers" are really enjoying themselves aren't they?

And in true Entertainment Tonight/American Idol fashion they are doing it up right.

Case in point is the Oprah/Mr.Man stir. So, the richest woman in the world (and probably the most-recognizable) rests her arms on your shoulder and suddenly you are a hero.

The good news is that Oprah didn't have him arrested for blocking her view; or perhaps for ruining the photo ops.

The bad news is that this is news to the Hopers.

The other bad news is that Oprah is either getting too old to stand up or she's gained weight again. Either way, that woman needs a chair, not a shoulder.

The McCains were all about sacrifice. Go to war, adopt children, watch your children put on the uniform... The Hopers give you a medal for allowing someone to lean on you.

And another thing...what happened to that three-legged dog? I don't think the Obama White House ought to have a designer dog like the goldenpuddle or whatever they call it. No sir. An inclusive president ought to adopt that three-legged dog.

By the way, did Obama go to the funeral? I didn't read anything about that.

Note to Oprah: Pay the $156K your mother racked up and cut up all her credit cards. That woman is playing the role of victim plus.

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