Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thugs out in the open

I am still amazed when I see news reports of people defending the presence of illegal aliens. Don’t they realize they are essentially saying, “I approve of people breaking the law.”?

The ones who say, “The immigration laws in this country are broken and they need to be fixed” are one thing. Never mind that they are the same people who are quick to point out that anchor baby laws are on the books and not subject to debate.

But far too many advocates for illegal aliens get all indignant when the laws are enforced. For example, here’s a quote from the Wall Street Journal today. The immigration police (ICE) has been investigating a California garment maker (American Apparel Inc.) to see if they are hiring illegals.

This isn’t a raid on their factory mind you, just a request for their personnel records. So American Apparel reports in their Securities and Exchange Commission filing that as a result of the investigation it “could experience very substantial turnover of employees on short or no notice, which could result in manufacturing and other delays.”

Business is business I guess and some companies are getting so bold as to call themselves victims for getting caught violating the law.

What’s worse is when politicians line up in protest of enforcement. L A Mayor Tony Villaraigosa (who is sooooo progressive that he took on his wife’s last name when he married her, only to cheat on her repeatedly to the point of divorce but still keeps her name) is a prime example of what I mean.

Tony sent a letter to Washington last month telling Immigration to back off because the enforcement is ruining LA’s economy. He wrote, “I am gravely concerned that ICE's current focus on nonexploitative employers in and around the City of Los Angeles could have severe and lasting effects on our local economy.”

If I were Secretary Chertoff I would have written back to Villaraigosa,
“Dear Mr. Mayor:
Please review your oath of office.
Michael Chertoff, Secretary
Homeland Security”

Instead the two will sit down for a meeting in Washington today.

The mayor of Phoenix is getting in the act as well. He’s up in arms that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is out looking for illegals in Maricopa County. He even wrote a letter to U. S. Attorney General Mukasey demanding that the feds look into civil rights violations. (It’s too bad Alberto “I don’t recall” Gonzalez isn’t still running the place. He’d run right over on his way to the next La Raza meeting.)

Unfortunately, these two aren’t the only politicians who defend illegals. We’ve even got some presidential candidates in that category. More Americans need to tell them, “Shame on you!”

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