Friday, April 25, 2008

Big bites

Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke out about his sermons and what they have done to the Obama campaign during a Bill Moyers-PBS program.

I’m having trouble swallowing his characterization that his comments were “taken like a sound bite for a political purpose.” Those were pretty big sound bites, Reverend. You railed on for several minutes criticizing whites in America and claiming that we somehow deserved it when terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade Center.

You see, a sound bite in my opinion is taking a phrase or two out of context to distort the original meaning.

Here’s an example.

My statement: “It is ludicrous to believe that George Bush has done a good job enforcing immigration laws during his presidency. The statistics do not support such a notion. In fact, Clinton did a much better job over his eight years than Bush did.”

The sound bite: “George Bush has done a good job enforcing immigration laws during his presidency.”

Do you get it, Reverend?

When you go on for six minutes about your hatred for whites past and present, that isn’t a sound bite; that’s your message.

Now, do those sermons represent your entire body of work? No. You’ve served in the military. You’ve given counsel and comfort to all sorts of people over the years. You’ve given many other Sunday sermons that are a benefit to those who heard them.

But please don’t be so foolish as to tell us that you didn’t mean those things. They weren’t sound bites and they weren’t misunderstood.

Then again, isn't that you with Bill Clinton in 1998, just hours before the Kenneth Starr's report regarding the Monica Lewinski scandal. (photo courtesy of the Obama campaign)

I wonder if there are any photos of Wright at McCain?

Politics is a funny business.


  1. So, I'm wondering if you ever get these comments I write... eithere way, once again you have used your charmingly sarcastic humor to make a very well deserved point! I just wish you could blog on a bigger "stage" - oh, and don't forget to write us some more family advice when you get the chance! lol-I think I could use some about now! :) love ya!

  2. Yes, I see your comments. Not too many folks write much. Such is the nature of some "communities". The main topic of this site is not politically correct which inhibits some folks. That's why I enabled anonymous comments.
    But the hits are decent so I keep writing.
    -Alien Ranter