Thursday, April 17, 2008

And you think you've got problems

Americans are so self-absorbed. We are all worried about gas prices and the mortgage mess. And we seem to hang on every word from the Federal Reserve Board (past and present).

But right now I’m thinkin’ Mexico would gladly trade places with us. Their top three sources of income seem to be in turmoil these days.

#1 Oil – Fighting in the Mexican congress about possible privatization. (They ought to be laughing all the way to the bank with spot prices at $114/bbl.)

#2 Remittances – There are signs the illegal alien free-for-all may be slowing down as a result of the fence, raids on businesses, public sentiment in the US, and hot shot Americans who can no longer afford housemaids and pool boys.

#3 Tourism – You can say Mexico is a safe place to go for vacation, but the headlines just keep telling anther story. It is one thing to witness a drug lord gun battle; quite another to be the victim yourself.

News out of Baja that a family of four (including children ages six and eight) was dumped out of their private plane at gunpoint while trying to take off from Mulege. The plane was registered to a Boise, Idaho company. The family is safe.

Somehow I don’t think this incident will be featured in a travel agent poster. It’s not very neighborly of them, is it?

Count your blessings, folks. It could be worse.

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