Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thoughts from the Ivory Tower

I’ve been reading two very different views about immigration from the university crowd.

The first is from a Harvard Professor named Samuel P. Huntington. The article is from Foreign Policy, March/April 2004 issue entitled The Hispanic Challenge. Here’s the link:

Huntington presents data and argues that continued Mexican immigration will negatively impact our language and culture. He pulls no punches. My guess is that he seldom gets invited to dinner by his colleagues on the faculty.

The second is an overview of the immigration problem done as a project by the University of Utah Honors Think Tank on Immigration. The link is:

I warn you that it contains some na├»ve concepts typical of university undergraduates. But they present a sincere view that we ought to share America with the needy from the third world, particularly Mexico. And they publish 11 pages of community resources to aid these “victims” of the immigration problem, namely the illegals themselves.

I like to read it all. It helps me explore my own feelings. It also helps me spot the fallacies.

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