Monday, June 11, 2007

Foreign Exchange Program

Warning: Sarcasm level of this post is HIGH

Since the Albanians love Boosh-y, I suggest that we exchange presidents for a year, just like high school students do.

I’ve thought about the objections to the plan and I think it is workable.
#1- He won’t understand us. (It’s not like Bush does.)
#2- We won’t understand him. (It can’t be any worse than now.)
#3- He’s not a Republican. (Neither is 43, from what I can tell.)
#4- What if his approval rating is higher than George’s? (That’s possible.)
#5- What if he can’t get along with Congress? (…)
#6- He might forget to fund some social programs in the budget. (The downside?)
#7- What if he can’t control the borders? (No change there.)
#8- What if he has problems executing the war plan? (It might be an improvement.)
#9- What if we don’t want to trade back at the end of the year? (Now, that’s a possibility!)

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