Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vetting the Prez...finally

The website of the late Andrew Breitbart called Big Government is doing the job the MSN refuses to do.  That is, disseminate background on Barack Obama.  As The One in 2008, Obama’s backstory was ignored by the media.  Much of the dirt from his past was simply ignored and never investigated.

But since he’s on the ballot in November, Big Government is trying to get some answers to the burning questions from Obama’s past.

So far, they’ve had some interesting stories to tell.  Like the fact that he allowed (and perhaps even wrote) a short biography claiming he was born in Kenya.  He was the original birther and no one has called him on it.

Now, the purpose of this bio was to sell his books, so embellishments of the resume to make him sound exotic in the 1990’s is understandable.  And it helps explain why Obama took so long to set the record straight about his birth certificate.  But such a claim shows a lack of integrity.

Think for a moment about lies on resumes that have ousted police chiefs and school superintendents.  Shouldn’t the president be held to at least the same standard?

Other examples of Obama’s interesting past include his association and membership in a socialist party, his effort to buy off Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his anti-militarism stance, his closer-than-confessed ties with Bill Ayers…

Some folks, even on the right, think this vetting is wrong.  And judging by the continued silence by the media, this attention is limited to conservatives.  Other people do not seem to care.

But Breitbart’s organization is known to have lots of back-up material that is increasingly damning.  (Think of the ACORN scandal.)

We need a good October surprise to expose Mr. I-Vote-Present-to Please-Everyone.  After all, shouldn’t we a least be aware that he’s known to twist reality to please the audience before him?

I might add that Romney tends to play to the crowd and hope no one will notice his mixed message.  He doesn’t play as fast-and-loose as Obama, but he’s been known to waffle.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a straight-shooting president for a change?

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