Saturday, June 30, 2012

The King of Taxation

When the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare on the basis that it is a tax and that government has the right to tax us, they created the mother of all unintended consequences.

Obama will now forever be known as the president who lobbied hard and won the distinction as the man who imposed the largest and most ominous tax in history.

How could it be otherwise?  This tax will impact all of us and continue to grow in size and scope.  Medical costs are the largest expense we have.  And the costs have grown wildly, outstripping the rate of inflation year-after-year.

And what a legacy for Obama.  No wonder he's denying it is a tax.  But you can't have it both ways, Barack.  Unless you call it a tax you don't have the right to impose it.

Obamacare is the largest tax in history and it must be noted that Obama and the democrats hold all the blame here.  They were told repeatedly by the GOP and the American people not to pass it.  You deserve the crown of taxation.

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