Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Reverend's OTHER Job

Elvira Arellano, took refuge in the church of Reverend Walter L. "Slim" Coleman for a year.

Emma Lozano with Governor Quinn receiving a human rights award from the State of Illinois for her Centro Sin Fronteras organization. Lozano is married to Rev. Coleman.

Flor Crisostomo, current illegal alien taking refuge at Coleman's church. She has three children in Mexico and hasn't seen them since the year 2000 when she snuck in to the United States.

And here is Rev. Coleman accepting an award from California Congressman Mike Honda. The award was to honor Elvira, given by a Hispanic media organization.
So, Coleman is very active in the aiding and abetting of illegals. As soon as one moves out, he finds another to live in his church.
Was Elvira worthy of deportation? Apparently so, because as soon as she left the Chicago church she was promptly arrested in Southern California and deported.
So, I just made an interesting connection. Did you know that Rev. Coleman is on the federal payroll? That's right. He works part time for Rep Luis Gutierrez!
Here he is on the staff list:
Rep. Luis Gutierrez ( - Illinois , 4th)
Staff List - Fourth Quarter 2008
Displaying salaries for time period: 10/01/08 - 12/31/08
Payee Name Start date End date Position Amount Notes
Angelo, Natalie M 10/01/08 12/31/08 Staff Assistant $14,793.75
Ayala, Miguel A 11/01/08 11/25/08 Shared Employee $-23,250.00
Cerna, Salvador C 11/01/08 12/31/08 District Director $20,333.33
Cerna, Salvador C 10/01/08 10/31/08 District Co-Director $5,666.67
Coleman, Walter L 10/01/08 12/31/08 Part-time Employee $6,704.17
Collins, Susan M 10/01/08 12/31/08 Legislative Director $28,208.33
Devora, Damaris 10/01/08 12/31/08 Congressional Aide $18,105.01
Dinis, Nicole S 10/01/08 12/31/08 Staff Assistant/Legislative Correspondent $15,625.00
Dreilinger, Rebecca 10/01/08 12/31/08 Press Secretary $17,867.50
Fernandez-Toledo, Enrique 10/01/08 12/31/08 Deputy Chief of Staff $35,437.50
Fuentes, Jennice 10/01/08 12/31/08 Chief of Staff $29,675.01
Galvez, Noemi 10/01/08 12/31/08 Congressional Aide $14,229.99
Ocasio, Veronica 10/01/08 12/31/08 Executive Assistant $29,699.99
Paucar, Theresa 10/01/08 12/31/08 Congressional Aide $14,374.99
Perez, Rosa 10/01/08 12/31/08 Congressional Assistant $18,875.01
Rasmussen, Ana M 10/01/08 12/31/08 Scheduler/Office Manager $17,500.00
Reyes, Teresa 10/01/08 12/31/08 Congressional Aide $14,229.99
Souchet, Monique M 10/01/08 12/31/08 Congressional Aide $12,325.01
Staff, Gregory S 10/01/08 12/31/08 Staff Assistant $16,999.99 Watson, Maria 10/01/08 12/31/08 Congressional Assistant $14,074.99
And...Coleman has been drawing a salary at the same time he's harboring illegal aliens in his church. Here's the take:
FY 2008: $21,025.04
FY 2007: $18,911.13
FY 2006: $20,549.96
FY 2005: $19,366.67
FY 2004: $6,000.00
So, here we have two people who are openly harboring illegal aliens getting awards from politicians and drawing salaries from a congressman.
Here's the link to congressional staff salary information:

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