Thursday, June 4, 2009

Off by a few million

Remember back in early February when it was reported that the White House was going to supervise the 2010 Census? They even named Rahm Emanuel as the supervisor. That was the FLIP.

Then Judd Gregg cited the take-over as one reason he didn’t want to be Secretary of Commerce and withdrew his name.

Now, here comes the FLOP. On February 16th Obama’s press secretary denied the plan and said the White House was going to let Commerce run things, with “consultation” from Obama. It seems when they get caught, they back off.

It’s a good thing Obama isn’t doing the counting. In his now-famous Cairo speech today, the president told the crowd there are “nearly seven million American Muslims in our country today.”

As it turns out, he was off by about five million.

I’d say the White House needs to stay far away from numbers, especially when they are as important as the census.

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