Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Protesting in Chicago

The Luis Gutierrez amnesty roadshow came to Chicago on Saturday. The guest star was none other than Francis Cardinal George, the Archbishop of Chicago and Chairman of the US Council of Bishops.
They packed the church with busloads of people brought in from churches all over the area. One was from Evanston, most didn't have a town name, just a St_____ on the placard. At least one I saw said SEIU on it.

We showed up and began walking back and forth in front of the church. On the public sidewalk.

A Chicago cop in a white shirt with a book in his hand told us we needed to move across the street and keep moving.
A bit later the same cop advised us that we had to move down the street, past the alley.
Keep in mind that Troy is a one way street so moving us downstream of the church would insure that Gutierrez and George would never see the signs or the American flags. Only the bus drivers would see our signs. Now isn't that clever of them? Daley's father used to crack skulls to get his way. Ritchie doesn't have to...he just sweeps the protests under the rug.
Speaking of Daley, Al Sanchez was convicted on four counts of preferential hiring, filling city jobs on orders from the Hispanic Democratic Organization.
Our Teflon Mayor says we need more reform in city departments to prevent renegades like Sanchez from doing such sinful things.
Is anyone still buying Daley's line? I'm thinking most of us have caught on that he's only avoided prosecution because he never gets his hands dirty.
Three cheers for the Bill of Rights, even if it isn't in force in Chicago.

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