Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does Obama know what he's doing?

…or is he just doing what he knows?

Like all of us, Obama’s worldview is informed by his life experiences. (How’s that for psychobabble?)

And just what are those experiences?
-His mother was a hippie.
-His father (a socialist) abandoned the family when Obama was young.
-Then when he was a child his step-father took him to the third world to live.
-Even the most “conventional” part of growing up, his time living with grandparents, was tainted by his being farmed out while his mother was off on a crusade for years.
-Then it was college as a minority student, with all the special handling that entails.
-Followed by his days as a community organizer and defender of Acorn.
-He spent time working social causes with the Chicago Political Machine under Mayor Harold Washington.
-Then more of the same in the Illinois State Senate.

He was shrewd enough to vote “present” over a hundred times, yet never explained why. Clearly it was a political calculation on his part.

My point is that his world has been one where government social programs are the answer to the problems of life. He easily falls into the thinking that big government can help solve our problems, regardless of what those problems are or how expensive the solution.

The only proof of effectiveness is the imaginary, “Think of how bad it would have been if we hadn’t begun this program.”

Folks talked about this before the election but now we see it in action. And he has surrounded himself with like-minded folks. This could be an expensive four years with government taking a greater role in all our lives.

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